Vilter Maufacturing Celebrates 150 Years

The Emerson company is known best for its compressors used in industrial refrigerant applications

Emerson has announced that Vilter Manufacturing has marked its 150th year in business.

Since 1897, Vilter has contributed to several significant advancements in the industrial refrigeration and gas compression industries. Recent achievements include building a 7000 lb. (3175 kg) ammonia test lab in 2012; developing the 401 mm line, the largest single-screw compressor, in 2013; and the development of a high-suction-pressure solution that can handle suction pressures of up to 750 psi. Vilter is also focusing on sustainable alternative refrigerants.

Recently, Vilter has developed refrigeration systems that utilize CO2 as a volatile secondary fluid, cascade systems that use CO2 in the low stage and a CO2 transcritical booster system.

For a tutorial on Vilter’s single screw compressors, check out the video below.

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