Timken Upgrades Mark Series Controller Family

The Mark Series controller family gained another member this year with the release of Timken Co.’s Mark 8 Synchrotorque control system from Philadelphia Gear, part of Timken Power Systems.

The system, designed for variable speed and soft-start hydroviscous drives, looks to improve the user experience with “over a half-dozen improvements” from the prior model.

“The past series of controllers, as well as the Mark 8, have features that were common within the complete product line,” said Eric Mielke, control integration engineer with Timken Power Systems. “The Mark 8 was designed for our customers who need customized operations to fit within their unique applications. It is much easier to integrate into existing control systems without additional components, such as a third-party PLC.”

The Mark 8 controller works as a closed-loop feedback device using the clutch output shaft-controlled parameter as feedback. The input command signal is automatically and continuously compared to the output shaft-controlled parameter, an error signal is generated, and the clutch clamping pressure is continually adjusted electro-hydraulically to maintain input command signal.

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