Tallgrass Energy Selects ACI Services’ PAN Technology For Compressor Station

Pulsation attenuation networks designed to mitigate pulsation problems

ACI Servicee
ACI Services and Optimum Pumping Technology installed a PAN manifold system to a Superior MH64 compressor for the pair's first proof-of-concept field test at a gas storage site in Pennsylvania.

Tallgrass Energy has pegged ACI Services to install its pulsation attenuation networks (PAN) on two reciprocating compressor units at the Chandlersville compressor station in Philo, Ohio.

Pulsation attenuation networks are a technology that uses piping and junction loops to thwart pressure loss and pulsations. PAN can be used in nearly any application that requires a pulsation control bottle, such as a pumping or metering station (see COMPRESSORTECH2, August-September 2016, p. 68).

The engineering phase of the PAN project is already finished, with the field installation forthcoming. Bi-Con Services Inc. will fabricate the PAN system and provide all on-site mechanical field services. Enerfab Inc. will handle shop fabrication of the PAN system’s support structure. Early 2019 is the expected completion date.

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