SoftInWay Nets NASA Grant To Optimize Compression

SoftInWay has received an SBIR award from NASA, which the company will use to develop an autonomous program aimed at optimizing compressor performance. Using its AxSTREAM software platform as the foundation, SoftInWay will use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to improve compressor operations.

More specifically, SoftInWay will use AI capabilities created in AxSTREAM ION. This new AI-based workflow will be trained using AxSTREAM, but can also be trained using proprietary software and third-party codes, such as those at NASA. These programs will be able to automate performance data generation for compressors in this test case.

When subsequently combined with data gathered from test rigs, the autonomous AI program will be able to generate accurate turbomachinery performance data, with minimal error percentages, significantly shortening the time required to design a complex machine such as a multistage compressor, the company said.

The SoftInWay program will not only aid compressor optimization but will allow complex equipment designs, such as turbomachinery, to be developed over a much shorter duration than today’s standards.

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