Executive Outlook 2019 – Francesca Cozzani

COMPRESSORTECH2 spoke with Francesca Cozzani, CEO of Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani, about her company’s tradition, plans for the future and market contingencies. 

Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani is a family-owned company, founded in Italy in 1946. Can you explain the origin of your enterprise and what initially determined the specialization in valves for compressors?

The company was founded by my father, an engineer with experience working in Ansaldo and Alfa Romeo. One day, a local compressor manufacturer asked him for help in solving a technical problem with a non-working compressor valve. Once my father found the solution, the manufacturer also asked for the supply of the component, so he started to establish his own workshop.

This is why we are known in the gas compression market as manufacturers of valves from our own design. The technology in our valves’ design is our main competitive advantage, along with our high-quality production standard.

What are the organizational characteristics of your company?

The company has grown significantly over the years, but has kept the typical organization of a family-owned enterprise;

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