Mehrer Takes New Compressor Vertical

Crosshead design of new two-stage, oil-free compressor ensures clean process gas

trz 1000
The vertical design of the TRZ 1000 makes it suitable for compact spaces.

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Mehrer Compression GmbH has launched the TRZ 1000, a new two-stage, oil-free crosshead piston compressor. The TRZ 1000 can reach a mass flow up to 22,800 scfh (600 NM3/h) at atmospheric suction pressure.

The water-cooled TRZ 1000 operates at a suction pressure up to 29 psi (2 bar) and a final pressure up to 375 psi (26 bar).

“The process gas machine follows a lean, space-saving vertical design, which means that it requires significantly less space compared to horizontal compressors,” said Hartwig Alber, marketing and business development at Mehrer Compression.

The main components of the new compressor are crafted from ductile iron for more robustness and durability, giving them a operating life of more than 20 years, the company said.

While its main application is CO2 recovery in the food and beverage industry, the unit is ideal for toxic and process gases as well, such as methane, hydrogen, biogas, nitrogen or biomethane.

Relatively low rotational and piston speeds and a robust design help keep maintenance intervals low.

Sealing elements with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) compound have been used. Mehrer said that this, together with the use of wear-resistant materials in the area of piston and rider rings, as well as an optimized gas packing, brings the service life of the sealing elements way above the usual maintenance intervals of 8000 operating hours.

The manufacturer added that the oil-free operation of the TRZ 1000 makes the contamination of downstream systems impossible; therefore, a clean process gas is ensured without additional cleaning systems.

Mehrer Compression delivers the TRZ 1000 as a single compressor block or as complete lean compressor package including drive, piping and monitoring system. A further option is represented by the delivery of a complete compressor plant, which includes components such as dryer, water-cooling unit, or sound protection hood.

Mehrer Compression, based in Germany, is a specialist in oil-free, dry running piston compressors in vertical and V-construction, ranging from 2.2 to 334 hp (1.6 to 250 kW). These units are designed with a crosshead principle and real free stroke. They operate at low rotational and piston speeds and feature a design suitable to withstand continuous operation with little maintenance, the company said.

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