MAN Puts U-Pac In South China Sea

Equipment to be used in Dongfang 13-2 gas field

MAN Diesel & Turbo's upstream compressor package (U-Pac) will be used in gas reinjection and export.

CNOOC China Ltd. Zhanjiang Branch (CNOOC) commissioned MAN Diesel & Turbo to supply six compressor trains for the Dongfang 13-2 gas field development project in the South China Sea. CNOOC is the biggest producer of offshore crude oil and natural gas in China and one of the largest independent companies worldwide in this industry.

The compressor trains from MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG in Switzerland will be used in gas reinjection and export on new platforms in the Dongfang 13-2 gas field, located in Yinggehai Basin of the Beibu Gulf with an average water depth of 230 ft. (70 m).

The total order comprises three wet gas and three dry gas compressor trains with intercooled barrel type compressors – all driven by electric motors with variable frequency converters. The wet gas compressor trains will be built as standardized and modularized upstream compressor packages (U-Pac).

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