MAN Introduces New Digital Platform

MAN Energy Solutions said its new digital platform, MAN CEON, is designed to collect and evaluate operating and sensor data and enable the real-time monitoring of marine or power-plant engines, turbines and compressors.

The new digital platform is designed to integrate data and information from MAN machinery and its operational environment, and use intelligent analysis tools for evaluation and forecasting.

“MAN CEON is the new backbone of our developing digital-service business,” said Per Hansson, head of Digital and Strategy at MAN Energy Solutions. “All of our machines, whether engines or turbomachinery, are equipped with hundreds of sensors that transmit data constantly. MAN CEON enables the efficient collection, storage and evaluation of these data volumes. The platform is scalable: designed to monitor several thousands of customer installations in parallel its data-processing capacity exceeds that of many major social-media platforms. Furthermore, we are monitoring down to the level of small subcomponents, much like with a ‘digital twin’, with high-resolution data available on demand. To do this, we employ state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology and algorithms that automatically identify and report problems. And of course the platform meets the requirements for end-to-end security.”

After connecting their installation to MAN CEON, customers can access the platform via a web application on their PC, or by using a mobile terminal. Data is sent and processed continuously. Encrypted data transmission and a multi-level authorization procedure during login ensure maximum data security, the company said.

The operating data of all systems and ships networked via CEON can be transmitted to MAN service centers in real time. From here, MAN experts pro-actively support customers with problem solving and maintenance. This is aided by the communication functions within MAN CEON, which enable video and audio live-chats, the company said.

“With MAN CEON, we can provide our customers with even better support during their daily work and optimize the availability and efficiency of installations, regardless of whether it is a ship on the high seas, a power plant, an industrial application, or even an oil platform,” Hansson said. “We can instantly respond to unusual operating-data and quickly offer customized solutions and services.”

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