Growth Spurt: KB Delta sets sights on next expansion

Usually when a company expands its physical footprint, the last thing it worries about is adding additional space. KB Delta thought it had addressed its tight quarters last year when it purchased a 15,000 sq.ft. (1394 m2) facility for its Steel Division.

The expansion gave KB Delta, the Torrance, California-based compressor parts manufacturer and supplier, a total of 35,000 sq.ft. (3252 m2) between two buildings in Torrance. With the new facility, KB Delta’s Chief Operating Officer George Giourof figured the company was set for at least a decade if not longer.

“When we looked inside that building, I thought we are probably good for 10 years and I can rest on that,” Giourof said.

Six months later, the once-open hall of the new facility had CNC machines lining the shop floor and rows upon rows of blue bins stuffed with compressor parts fighting for space on the upper floor. Giourof ordered six shipping containers to mitigate the now-crowded building, but even those have reached capacity.

Now, less than a year after expanding, KB Delta has its eyes on its next addition – a third building in the Torrance Business Center. They haven’t pegged the exact building yet, but they know it will be in the place they’ve called home for almost the entirety of the company’s existence.

“We bought the new facility and we thought we would be good,” said Kevin Cain, vice president, operations and technology, KB Delta. “We thought we’d be good and before we even moved in, we realized we already needed more space.”

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