GMRC Engine Analyzer & Reliability Workshop 2019


GMRC’s Engine Analyzer and Reliability Committee is now accepting 2019 submissions for case studies, case problems and short courses for the Engine Analyzer and Reliability Workshop.

The workshop will take place July 17-19 during SGA’s Natural Gas Connect in in San Antonio, Texas.

CASE STUDY – The case study presentation showcases a real problem that your company has faced and your company’s implemented solution. Case studies bring valuable information and insight to your colleagues in the industry. Each case study will be allotted 30 minutes with at least 5 minutes reserved for questions.

CASE PROBLEM  A case problem is an operating condition that your company hasn’t been able to fit with a solution and/or you are looking for a better option. By presenting at this workshop, you will have access to the combined expertise and years of knowledge from engineers, analysts as well as mechanical personnel. Each case problem will be allotted 30 minutes with at least 10 minutes reserved for discussion and questions.

SHORT COURSES – A short course is non-commercial technical research presentation. Short courses are allotted 2 hours with at least 10 minutes reserved for questions.

Submit Your Ideas

Questions? Please contact Colleen Bransford.

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