GEA Supplying Packages For Oil And Gas Projects

Company sending compressor packages to US, Pakistan; refrigeration system to Oman

GEA refrigeration package
GEA engineered a customized propane refrigeration package, driven by a GEA screw compressor, designed and produced for use in cryogenic natural gas processing facilities in the United States.

GEA has obtained orders for oil and gas projects in the United States, Oman and Pakistan, all of which will be completed in 2018.

GEA will supply processing units for shale gas areas in the southwestern United States for a natural gas processor. The units, comprising 15 custom-engineered propane refrigeration compressor packages, will be used in cryogenic natural gas processing facilities. Thirteen of the units feature GEA model 1210GL screw compressors, while the other two use GEA model 675GL screw compressors. The GEA compressor packages will be used in a midstream application.

The Oman project calls for a process refrigeration system, including a chiller unit for hydrocarbon dew point control and a water-chiller package. The plant uses oil-injected screw compressors.

The Pakistan project, a first for GEA in the oil and gas market, features three fuel-gas booster centrifugal compressor packages and a gas treatment station. The 747 MW gas-fired power plant is designed to alleviate power shortages in the area.