EGC Surpasses One Million Man Hours Without Lost Time Incident

Safety deeply rooted in company culture

EGC Critical Components has reached a major safety milestone: one million man hours without a lost time incident. The company has gone to great lengths to develop a culture of safety.

“It is important that our people understand the importance of safety and our HSE culture,” said Steven Roesel, HSE Specialist at EGC Critical Components. “Each person understands that safety is personal, and has the authority to stop operations if there is a safety issue.”

Every employee goes through a safety orientation during onboarding, and is required to stay current with monthly, quarterly and yearly refresher courses. In addition, EGC has a team of trained first responders on-site, including both shop and office personnel.

Safety responsibility at EGC is not limited to the specially trained. The company has implemented a “stop work” policy in which anyone — even visitors who are not EGC employees — has the authority to stop production if they see something they perceive as a safety hazard. No “hazard” is too small. For example, if a guest notices anyone has shoe laces that have come loose, they can stop a technician mid-project until the problem is corrected.

EGC is a Houston-based manufacturer produces thermoplastic and elastomeric components for performance-critical applications in oil and gas, food, automotive, aerospace and more. EGC-made seals, packing and valve plates can be found in the machinery of several major compressor OEMs.