Durable Products, Customer Support Essential To Building, Maintaining Legacy – Take Five With Rod Shurman

Rod Shurman knows all about Caterpillar’s presence in the gas compression community and how it has grown during his tenure. Shurman has spent 23 years in management positions at Caterpillar Oil & Gas.

During that time, he’s seen the importance of developing dependable engines and electric motors among other equipment. But reliable products are only part of the equation. Customer support is also crucial to building and maintaining a strong role and reputation in the industry.

Now, in the face of a global pandemic and an evolving energy landscape, Shurman discussed how Caterpillar will use its experience to navigate the uncertainty while further building on the company’s well-established legacy.

The oil and gas market forecasts anticipated a down year in 2020, and then the coronavirus pandemic happened. What has your 2020 experience been like?

Our employees have played an integral role in supporting our customers and business strategies during this time. Our company is navigating the environment by continuing to facilitate operations with customers through our support and solutions that will benefit not only in the present but when economic conditions return to normal capacity in the future.

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