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Engine Specs-at-a-Glance 2017

A quick-reference guide and ratings for diesel or heavy-fuel, gaseous-fuel and dual-fueled engines. Download

Compressor Specs-at-a-Glance 2017

A comprehensive listing of basic specifications for centrifugal compressors, reciprocating/rotary compressors and turboexpanders. Download PDF

Mechanical Drive Order Survey 2016

In partnership with Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide, engine orders for mechanical drive applications including pumps, compressors, oil exploration machinery and other industrial applications. Download...

Turbine Specs-at-a-Glance 2016

Courtesy of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide, a comprehensive listing of turbine specs, including gas turbines and steam turbines in mechanical and electric generator...

Engine Specs-at-a-Glance 2016

A comprehensive listing of engine specs including diesel or heavy fuel, gaseous fuel or dual fuel applications. Download PDF