Capstone Sends C1000s To The Wellhead

Oil and gas project will feature four Capstone microturbines

Capstone C1000 microturbine
A Capstone C1000S microturbine.

A portable power oil and gas project in the United States will feature four of Capstone Turbine’s natural gas-fueled C1000 Signature Series systems.

Capstone Turbine received an order for the project, which will use the systems to keep critical equipment at the wellhead continuously powered.

The microturbines will operate on the gas that occurs as a natural byproduct of the oil extraction process. Typically, this gas is vented or flared into the atmosphere.

Capstone will ship the four microturbines, which total 4 MW of power, during the first quarter of fiscal 2019. The microturbines come with a long-term factory protection plan that covers all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

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