Capstone C200 For North Sea Gas Platform

A Capstone C200 will be installed on an unmanned offshore gas production platform in the North Sea.

Capstone Turbine Corp. said it has secured an order for a C200 from Capstone’s distributor in Italy, Fores Engineering. The system will be installed on an unmanned offshore production platform in the North Sea.

The C200 microturbine will ship with specifically designed packaging making it capable of withstanding the harsh elements expected on an unmanned offshore platform. The Capstone system will provide prime power for the entire platform.

“Capstone’s C200 systems continue to build a reputation as a go-to-solution for unmanned offshore oil and gas operations,” said Darren Jamison, Capstone’s president and CEO. “Most of the time these offshore platforms are very remote and not easily accessible. The fact that our microturbines require very low maintenance due to our patented air bearing technology makes them the ideal choice compared to traditional reciprocating engine generators.”

Located in the Southern North Sea offshore from the United Kingdom, Tolmount is the largest gas prospect for the area in recent years. The greater Tolmount reserves are estimated to contain up to one trillion cubic feet of gas with first gas extraction targeted in 2020. The field is expected to produce gas for 10 to 15 years.

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