Ariel Nets Larger Distribution Center

Company quadruples space for spare parts operations

Ariel Distribution Center
Ariel's new distribution center is four times the size (208,000 sq.ft. [19,324 m2]) of its predecessor, which was 50,000 sq.ft. (4645 m2).

Ariel Corp. has expanded its spare parts capabilities, moving its operations to a larger facility across the street from its headquarters in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

The move will help the compressor manufacturer improve the quality and delivery times of its spare parts, which were formerly housed in its 50,000 sq.ft. (4645 m2) facility 3 miles (4.8 km) away.

Demand for Ariel’s compressor parts surpassed the capacity of the former distribution center, which was built five years ago. A larger facility nearby soon became available, which prompted Ariel to purchase it as its new distribution center. The facility previously served as the home of an electric switchgear manufacturer.

The new 208,000 sq.ft. (19,324 m2) facility, which officially opened in July 2017, features more than 750 ft. of automated conveyor capabilities and a parallel picking process, where all five zones pick products simultaneously. This process reduced pack out time up to 65% in most cases, the company said. The conveyor systems also decreased employee travel time within the distribution center by 25%.

Another perk of the new distribution center is the pick module racking system, said Joe McDonald, the company’s warehouse and distribution manager. The racking system has allowed for 70% more hand pick locations and 35% in pallet racks.

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