Ariel Keeps The Talent Pipeline Open In Ohio – Take Five With Kent Dubbe

Training has always been important to Ariel Corp. In the late 1990s, the company established a dedicated training area on its campus in Mount Vernon, Ohio. But as the years passed and the industry evolved, Ariel realized its training offerings had to follow suit.

In July 2017, Ariel opened the doors to its new training center, featuring 12 classrooms and meeting rooms, three training labs, a theater and an interactive atrium (see COMPRESSORTECH2, July 2018, p. 32).

Kent Dubbe joined Ariel well before this upgrade. As the company’s vice president of Human Resources and Organization Development, Dubbe has seen the company’s training practices evolve from basic courses to deeply involved learning options.

Ariel’s Training Center has been around for three years. How has it been received within the company and the industry?

The training center was the catalyst for Ariel being able to change the basis of how we develop and conduct training, now having the ability to focus on skill development through hands-on performance demonstration. The machine shop, assembly and customer technical labs have given customers of the training center – both employees and industrial partners – the chance to practice tasks that they do routinely in their jobs under the guidance of Ariel’s technical instructors and other students.

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