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COMPRESSORtech2 targets gas compression products, systems and technologies from the wellhead to city gate. This includes midstream, upstream and downstream gas compression applications. Its readership consists of the people who operate, design and service the products and systems utilized by the global gas compression industry.

Typical Editorial: New products, developments, services and trends relating to onshore and offshore wellhead and gathering compressors, booster stations, gas treatment plants, storage facilities, mainline compressor stations, vapor recovery applications, refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants. Coverage includes all types of compressors; reciprocating, gas turbine or electric drivers; controls; on-skid pumps and auxiliary equipment and systems as well as related products and services.

Typical Readers: Our readers represent those who specify, purchase, design, build, operate and maintain compressor packages as well as those who provide consulting and ancillary services relating to compressors. They also include engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, managerial, sales and marketing professionals at compressor and driver OEMs.

Typical Advertisers: Our advertisers include manufacturing firms involved in the design, development and delivery of compressors, compressor systems, engines, motors, drives, controls and monitoring technology. They also include consultants, engineering firms, training firms and other service providers to the industry. They include compressor set packagers and those involved in the installation and maintenance of those packages from foundation to emissions management.

  • Published 10 times per year
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COMPRESSORtech2 is a member of the KHL Group.

The KHL – Power Division magazines, books, sourcing guides, websites and e-newsletters have been providing critical product, technology and industry news for designers and users of all kinds of engine-powered equipment. COMPRESSORtech2 magazine; Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide website; Diesel Progress North American magazine; Diesel Progress International magazine; the Diesel & Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide, the Compression Technology Sourcing Supplement – Simply, if it has an engine in it, and is not a car, one of our publications covers the people and companies who manufacture the equipment and use the components.

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